What we offer?

Civil & Structural

Thembakele provides the full range of civil, structural and geotechnical services necessary for the planning, design and construction.
  • Roads and Stormwater Designs
  • Water and Sanitation Designs
  • Structural Designs
  • Traffic & Transportation Studies and Designs
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning;
  • Refrigeration Systems, for both commercial and industrial


Thembakele is a one-stop solutions provider of mechanical engineering services with capabilities throughout the product development life cycle.
  • Wet Services
  • Fire Protection Services
  • Medical Gas System
  • Equipment: Kitchen, Laundry, Mortuary
  • Sterilizing Equipment, etc.
  • Lifts & Hoisting Equipment
  • Security Services
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary Design Reports

Environmental Engineering

Thembakele Consulting Engineer's scope of projects include Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Environmental Auditing and EMPs, Policy Development, Feasibility Study and Occupational Health and Safety services on both a national and international scale within government and private sectors. Our service offering covers the entire value chain for environmental services, drawing upon decades of experience, a proven track record and the technical excellence of our people. Our clients are of all sizes, covering public and private sectors.
  • Basic Assessments
  • Scoping and EIAs
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 14000 Implementation
  • Environmental Risk Analysis
  • Environmental Auditing
  • Pollution Assessment and Monitoring
  • State of the Environment Reports
  • Environmental Management Frameworks
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments
  • Environmental Management Programmes
  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Public Participation
  • Training and Awareness Programmes
  • Specialist Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Policy Development
  • Occupational Health and Safety services

Electrical & Electronics

Thembakele Engineering provides electrical and electronics engineering services to turn ideas into complete products.
  • HV & LV Reticulations
  • Site Reticulations;
  • Buildings Internal Reticulation
  • Area Lighting
  • Village Electrification
  • Access Control
  • CCTV (closed circuit TV)
  • Fire Detection and Alarm System
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Audio evaluation
  • Public Address System
  • Audio Conference Systems
  • Building Management System and Systems Integration

Transaction Advisory Services

The focus of the Transaction Advisory Service offering is to assist government / private clients in the planning, procurement and implementation of large-scale transactions for Infrastructure and related services. The key objective is to improve the quality of project outcomes by ensuring a link between the objectives of government and the ultimate contract. ​

Transaction support involves transaction planning, feasibility analysis, procurement and institutionalization.

Thembakele provides specialized transaction advisory services with regards to Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) which involves a contract between the public sector authority and a private party, in which the private party provides a public service or project and assumes substantial financial, technical and operational risk in the project. In specific instances this support may include project implementation monitoring and project implementation support on request.
  • Lead Advisory Services
  • Technical Consulting Services through a structured approach delivering advisory and project management support.
  • Diagnostic Studies
  • Financial and economic viability of a proposed new infrastructure investment
  • Assessment of the likely financial and economic sustainability of an infrastructure investment programme from a sectoral, corporate and national perspective
  • Assessment of the likely fiscal requirement or impact of different types of infrastructure projects
  • Assessment of the suitability of public or private financing mechanisms for different types of projects
  • Restructuring
  • Transaction Support - strategic planning and performance budgeting support
  • Organizational Development support
  • Programme and project management support
  • Valuation and Business Modelling

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