Empowerment Policy

Thembakele Consulting Engineers is a 100% skills-base Black-Empowerment Company. Consistent with empowerment principles, the company is firmly committed to:

  • Skills-based Black Empowerment.
  • Providing clients with increased value-for-money consulting products and services.

Commitment to the development of previously marginalized communities of South Africa. Full Participation in the seven pillars of empowerment which present themselves as opportunities in the business of consulting engineering :

  • Skills Transfer and Capacity Building by means of Joint Ventures, Consortia and Associations.
  • Support of Learnerships through the financial support of successful engineering students at universities and technikons.
  • Equitable employment and training of Historically Disadvantaged Individuals. Identification and “fast-track” support of leaders in this grouping of South Africans within the company.
  • Support of Learnerships through the secondment of junior engineering staff of clients, invited to participate in consulting work as part of conditions of appointment by the client.
  • Participation in the training of emerging contractors and other SMME contractors and consultants.
  • Participation in SMME and community-based projects.
  • Black equity ownership of empowerment companies.